Saturday, September 26, 2009

IPC Midwest - PCB Session Summary

At IPC Midwest last week, I presented "Pb-Free Reflow, PCB Degradation, &
the Influence of Moisture Absorption
" in the Challenges in Building a High Reliability Military PWB session. The session was attended by approximately 21 folks interested in the latest information on PCBs. They had a lot of great questions and feedback for us.

Later, I was interviewed about the paper by iconnect007. Complete audio/video interviews of all the PCB presentations can be viewed online.

Session details:

Reliability in mission-critical systems is a matter of life and death. This first of two sessions on reliability, will dissect the critical components of reliability for the printed board. If you are concerned about board reliability in the harsher manufacturing environments of lead free, this session is for you.

The Impact of Converting Flex Circuits from HASL to a RoHS Compliant Surface Finishes

  • Al Wasserzug, Vulcan Flex Circuit Corporation
Design Considerations for High Reliability PCB

  • Rajesh Kumar, Dynamic Details, Inc.
Pb-Free Reflow, PCB Degradation, and the Influence of Moisture Absorption

  • Cheryl Tulkoff, DfR Solutions
Later, I moderated the Printed Board Reliability Issues session. Equally well-attended by an enthusiastic audience, it continued the discussion from the earlier PCB session.

In the second session on board reliability, we expand on the issues for via reliability and the transition of telecom products into the era of lead free. Join us for the latest information.

Microvia Reliability Failure Modes

  • Paul Reid, PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc.
Bare Board Material Performance after Pb-free Reflow

  • Ted Lach, Alcatel-Lucent
Water Vapor Uptake And Release In Printed Boards

  • Joseph Kane, BAE Systems Platform Solutions

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