Monday, October 29, 2012

It's official! DfR Solutions has moved!

To meet increasing demand for our electronics reliability services and innovative software, DfR Solutions has moved to a state of the art facility in Beltsville,MD, (9000 Virginia Manor Rd Ste 290, Beltsville MD 20705) just a few miles from our existing location . The new facility, with controlled access and video monitoring, will allow DfR Solutions to handle and secure the most sensitive intellectual property. Speaking of sensitive, our new laboratory will also be blanketed with anti-static flooring, static dissipative furniture, and ESD test stations that will only bolster our existing comprehensive ESD control plan. At over 15,000 sq ft (an expansion of 7,000 sq ft), this new location will make DfR Solutions the largest and most advanced failure analysis/testing facility in North America. For more information, contact Craig Hillman.

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