Friday, September 10, 2010

DfR presenting at the ESTC 2010 Conference in Berlin, Germany: September 13-16

Cheryl Tulkoff will be presenting "Managing Reliability Expectations and Warranty Costs in Medical Electronics" at the Electronics System Integration Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany. For more information on this topic or to arrange a meeting during the conference, please contact Cheryl Tulkoff,

Conference Program of ESTC 2010 now available.

The program committee has arranged 160 oral and 80 poster presentations into an exciting program for the ESTC 2010 Conference in September. Check out the conference program now!

Download the conference program!

Conference topics are:

Microsystem Packaging

Application and product-oriented packaging technologies
New approach of sensor and actuator principles
Integration of new functionality in microsystems
Micro-nano integration
Nanobased advanced packaging technologies (e.g. self assembly, top-down and bottom-up approach, integration of nano-objects, CNT, tools, process)
New Materials and Processes

IC packaging processes including bonding and plating processes
Technology, development and application for adhesives, encapsulants, interconnect materials on substrate and wafer level
Added functionality materials: magnetic, thermal, optical, nano-enhanced

Packaging & interconnection strategies for novel roll-to-roll lighting devices
100Gb/s Ethernet PIC & ultra-wide band optical transceivers
Power LED and solid state lighting
Optical PCB: optical and electrical signal integration
Hi-power diode laser packaging, couplings, fiber pigtailing and connectorization
Concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) and optoelectronics in energy
Assembly and Manufacturing Technology

Advanced process development and equipment improvement for volume production
Cost, yield, performance and environmental impact improvements
Process characterization
New product introduction and ramp-up
Design for flexible manufacturing, testing and burn-in, and design for manufacturing
Manufacturing simulation, optimisation and scheduling
MEMS and opto-electronic assembly
Board level, product and system level assembly
Modeling and Simulation

Electrical and mechanical modelling
Simulation and characterization of packaging solutions including system-level applications
Prediction of thermal and mechanical performance of packages and modules
Applied Reliability

Reliability field data analysis
Fast reliability quaification
Advanced failure analysis
Failure mode identification and ranking
Reliability modeling, reliability diagnostics and curing
Failure prediction and experimental verification
Characterization and modeling of material
Process and product behaviour
Lifetime prediction
Reliability standards
Power Electronics

Further development of high power devices (e.g. IGBT-, MOSFET-packaging)
Alternative packaging and cooling concepts (e.g. double-sided cooling)
Prediction of thermal and thermo-mechanical performance of packages and modules
Reliability investigations and life time prediction
High temperature applications
Electrical Design & Modeling

Technology-aware design of circuits and systems - from architectural design to implementation level
Multi domain system level modelling
Design for manufacturability and testability
Design approaches for robust, fail safe and fault tolerant systems
Impact of integration technology - SiP and 3D
Advanced methods for 3D floor planning and place & route
Emerging Technologies

Nano-packaging and bio-electronic packaging
Organic printable electronics packaging
Green electronic packaging
Portable power supply packaging

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