Monday, September 13, 2010

DfR at Pb-Free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) meeting in Bloomington, IN: September 21-23

Jim McLeish will be attending the PERM meeting in Bloomington, IN September 21-23. For more information or to arrange a meeting during the conference, contact Jim McLeish,

The Pb-free Electronics Risk Management Consortium

About PERM
The purpose of the Pb-Free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) Consortium (formerly known as LEAP) is to provide overarching leadership and coordination of Pb-free electronics risk management activities for the government and industry aerospace and defense communities.

The goal of PERM is to better respond to the long term challenges of Pb-free solders and finishes over a systems life cycle.
The PERM Consortium addresses executive leadership, communications, research coordination, standards, training, advocacy, supply chain, and international cooperation through dedicated task teams and advisory groups.

The PERM Consortium is chartered by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and includes support from DoD, DoE, Army, Air Force, Navy, FAA, NASA, and industry.

PERM White Paper

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