Monday, October 3, 2011

IPC Webinar on Oct. 20 for "Electronics Failure Analysis: Common Mechanisms & Techniques"

Electronics Failure Analysis Common Mechanisms & Techniques
Cheryl Tulkoff, DfR Solutions
Thursday, October 20
10:00 am-11:00 am, Central time

Effective failure analysis is critical to product reliability. Without identifying the root causes of failure, true corrective action cannot be implemented. The risk of repeat occurrence increases. A systematic approach to failure analysis is recommended, proceeding from nondestructive to destructive methods until all root causes are conclusively identified. Choosing the appropriate techniques based upon failure information (history, mode, site, failure mechanism) specific to your product is also critical. Learn how to choose the appropriate techniques based upon the failure information.

What you will learn

Failure Mechanisms
  • On-die mechanisms (ESD, electro-migration, TDDB, passivation & dielectric cracking)
  • First-level packaging (wirebonds, solder bumps, substrates, leadframes)
  • Support structures (die attach, underfill, encapsulant)
  • Solder joints (thermal fatigue, IMC growth, solderability)
  • Board level (passives, PCB, CAF, PTH, tin whiskers, finishes)
Failure Analysis Techniques
  • Failure analysis sequence
  • NDE techniques (visual, optical, electrical, thermal, acoustic, X-ray, SQUID)
  • Destructive techniques (decapsulation, etching, cross-sectioning, SEM, EDX, XRF, Auger, SIMS, FIB, electrical and optical beam techniques)
  • Others (FTIR, DSC, TMA, ionic chromatography)
About the Instructor

Cheryl Tulkoff is a senior member of the DfR Solutions Staff. Her areas of expertise include semiconductor fabrication, electronics assembly, RoHS conversion, and reliability engineering and management. Prior to joining DfR, Tulkoff developed a comprehensive reliability organization at National Instruments including creation of an internal failure analysis group and a closed-loop reliability program. She has also taken the lead in process development and implementation in semiconductor fabrication in electronics assembly at Cypress Semiconductor and IBM.

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