Friday, August 26, 2011

RoHS Part II Finally Arrives

The new RoHS Directive became law on July 21, 2011. Key points:
  • No new restricted substances
  • Nine (9) exclusion categories - military, space, transportation (trains, planes, autos), fixed installation, large industrial tools, off-road machinery (i.e., bulldozers), implantable devices, solar panels, and R&D equipment
  • Compliance timeline - medical and monitoring/control have 3 years, in-vitro medical has 5 years, and industrial monitoring/control has 6
  • Exemptions will end in 5-7 years, including telecom and high lead
  • CE mark required
  • Larger companies must go beyond certificates of compliance
  • Your EU importer is now also liable
  • Oh, and don't forget India
See how this differs from our reporting two years ago. What will this mean? More paperwork and more testing. Need help? Contact Craig Hillman,

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