Friday, August 12, 2011

Design for ESD & ESD Failure Analysis on Aug 18th at 3pm

2011 TX ESD ASSOC Event

Aug 18, 2011 at 3pm - Design for ESD and ESD Failure Analysis Techniques
3M Innovation Center

Why Design for ESD Prevention?

The foundation of a reliable product is a robust design which provides margin, mitigates risk from defects, and satisfies the customer. Ensuring reliability of electronic designs is becoming increasingly difficult due to:

• Increasing complexity of electronic circuits
• Increasing power requirements
• Introduction of new component and material technologies
• Introduction of less robust components

This results in multiple potential drivers for failure. While most companies are acutely aware of the hazards of ESD (electrostatic discharge), few are aware of just how pervasive ESD failures actually are.

Join us for this presentstion and see what you need to do or learn more about. Presentation geared for engineers and manufacturing personnel who need to learn more and understand design for ESD prevention and how it applies to their individual applications.

There is no charge for attending however we do ask you to RSVP with your name, company, phone and email for badging and planning purposes. Your information is not given outside the Texas ESD Association except to 3M security to make badges.

RSVP to Ray Bowman []

For more information regarding Texas ESD Association activities, please go to the following

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