Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Please help iNEMI identify critical components for medical devices! Deadline is October 1st!

Please don't forget to give us your input on the iNEMI survey, Identification of CriticalComponents for Medical Devices. If you personally do not work with the medical electronics sector, but there is someone else in your company who does, please forward this email to the appropriate contact.  

About the Survey 
This survey was developed by the iNEMI Component Specifications for Medical Products Project. The project team plans to identify and define a set of component-level reliability qualification methods for electronic components used in implantable and wearable medical devices. Their goal is to develop much-needed specifications that can be accepted by device OEMs as well as supported by component suppliers.

The survey will be used to determine the selection of the most relevant components to be considered by the project team. We appreciate your taking 10 minutes to give us your input.

Survey Results
Please note that all survey responses go directly to iNEMI and all information in the survey will be treated as confidential. All results will be anonymous. Individual demographic information will not be shared with the project team or others. Individuals who complete the survey and provide contact information will receive a summary of the results from the iNEMI project team after their analysis of the data is complete in Q1 2013

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