Friday, April 15, 2011

DfR at The International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2011

International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2011
Co-located with Lead-Free Academy & SMTA Toronto Expo
May 3-6, 2011
Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The drive for smaller, more functional consumer electronics along with the need for highly reliable electronics for industrial, bio-medical, aerospace and automotive applications have kept the material, process and quality engineers busy planning for the future. These drive the many challenges such as the use of finer powders in solder paste, the greater need for heat dissipation, the use of novel components and technologies. In addition, the European Union’s RoHS directive has now been joined by those of REACH, the dimethyl fumarate ban and the new Canadian Management plan on substances of concern for electrical and electronic equipment complicating matters considerably. The use of tailored alloy systems, the variety of alloy choices, and smaller passive component assembly are among the concerns being addressed. Soldering and reliability engineers and designers need to come together to share their knowledge and their vision for addressing these challenges.

SMTA Lead-Free Academy
Tuesday May 3, 2011

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Tuesday, May 3
T1: 2nd Generation Lead Free Alloys: Is SAC the Best We Can Do?
Cheryl Tulkoff, DfR Solutions: 8:30a.m. – 12:00p.m.

T2: Solder Joint Reliability—Failure Mode and Root Cause Analyses (Fatigue, Brittle Fracture, ENIG)"
Werner Engelmaier,Engelmaier Associates, L.C.: 8:30a.m. - 12:00p.m.

Tuesday, May 3
T3: High Reliability: Solving Problems with Reliability in the Lead-Free Era
Cheryl Tulkoff, DfR Solutions: 1:30p.m. – 5:00p.m.

T4: Solder Joint Reliability—Acceleration Models, Accelerated Reliability Tests and Screening Procedures
Werner Engelmaier,Engelmaier Associates: 1:30p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Conference Schedule
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hours: 8:50a.m. - 6:00p.m.
Thursday, May 5, 2011
Hours: 8:50a.m. - 5:30p.m.
Friday, May 6, 2011
Hours: 8:40a.m. - 12:00p.m.

The 2011 ICSR speakers include:
  • Vladimar Igoshev, SENTEC Testing Laboratory
  • Emad Al- Momani, Binghamton University
  • Barbara Koczera, Test Research USA
  • Keith Howell, Nihon Superior
  • Walter Jager, Intertek
  • Mike Bixenman, Kyzen Corporation
  • and many more...
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