Thursday, December 9, 2010

RoHS II Has Arrived

Approved two weeks ago by the European Parliament, this major update to environmental legislation does not provide too many surprises. Key things in the document to be aware of: no new restricted substances; there are nine (9) exclusion categories - military, space, transportation (trains, planes, autos), fixed installation, large industrial tools, off-road machinery (i.e., bulldozers), implantable devices, solar panels, and R&D equipment; medical and monitoring and control have three years to be compliant, in-vitro medical has five years to be compliant, and industrial monitoring and control has six years to be compliant; all exemptions will die out in five to seven years, including telecom / enterprise and high lead (Pb); and you will need a CE mark. For more information on RoHS, including compliance and transition, please contact Craig Hillman,

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