Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DfR's Craig Hillman an invited speaker at IPC Tin Whiskers Conference

Monday, December 6: Technical Workshops
8:30 am–12:00 pm
Causes of Tin Whiskers: Theories of Formation
Craig Hillman, Ph.D., CEO, DfR Solutions

This workshop will help provide an understanding of fundamental drivers for tin whiskers: how they can be related to presence/absence and growth rates under a variety of environmental conditions. Discussions will focus on current theories on tin whisker initiation and growth: a review of material diffusion, stress gradients, oxide formation and how various plating elements and environments play a critical role in these behaviors.

General trends in research from exposing tin plating to a variety of environments (temperature, humidity, vibration, mechanical shock, corrosion, pressure, bending) will be reviewed and related back to drivers. The ability to test for and predict the occurrence of tin whiskers will be presented, with a critical review of existing tin whisker prediction algorithms and the risk/benefit of implementing these equations into design decisions and reliability predictions.

Your Instructor
Craig Hillman, Ph.D. is CEO and managing partner of DfR Solutions. Dr. Hillman's expertise includes best practices in design for reliability (DfR), lead-free strategies, supplier qualification for commodity and engineered products, passive component technology, and printed board failure mechanisms. Dr. Hillman holds two patents, has published more than 50 white papers, and has appeared in more than 40 publications; he has presented on a wide variety of reliability issues to over 250 organizations. A member of the Lead-Free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) working group and invited lead-free SME on the DoD Lead-Free Manhattan Project (LFMP), Dr. Hillman has a BS in metallurgical engineering and material science from Carnegie Mellon a doctorate in materials from UC-Santa Barbara, and took his post-doctoral fellowship at Cambridge University.

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