Thursday, July 22, 2010

US Enacts ‘Conflict Metal’ Law: Will you be prepared to comply?

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US Enacts ‘Conflict Metal’ Law

"Included in the financial sector reform law President Obama signed this week was legislation designed to prevent trade in so-called conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A wide range of electronics will now be subject to new sourcing and supply chain requirements for at least five years.
Many companies will struggle with the question of due diligence and look for solutions to their reporting requirements. Just as with RoHS, this is a supply chain activity. DfR Solutions was at the forefront of assisting companies during the RoHS transition and once again stands ready, offering a range of services from simple single part investigation to BOM scrub to full supply chain analysis. "

Just as with the RoHS and REACH regulations, compliance will be required throughout the supply chain. Large OEMs will require disclosure from their assembly suppliers who will in turn require it from their component suppliers, each rolling up their compliance as they go along. DfR's Conflict Free Supplier Certification will make it easier to work up the supply chain, simplifying the reporting process.

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  1. It wasn't clear from the referenced article if the compliance will go all the way up/down the supply chain. Is there a more detailed description of these new requirements?

  2. Since the law is new, there's not much yet in the way of specific detail on actual requirements. Attached are some additional links to articles and discussion within the industry:

    Pitfalls seen in law forcing gadget makers to check whether metals come from war-torn Congo