Monday, November 2, 2009

Visit to Bay Area

Just came back from the Bay Area. Fascinating visit to a broad spectrum of companies, including consumer electronics, medical, telecom, and component manufacturers.

I was truly impressed by almost every companies' increasing focus on reliability assurance, especially in regards to the movement away from 'no-thinking' MTBF and FMEA activities and a much greater interest in developing a 'Best in Class' process, including DFMEA with risk-reduction actions that can be tracked and monitored through SPC, DfX principles, design verification in combination with root-cause analysis, and product qualification plans based on physics of failure.

With a tight economy and decreasing margins, executive management is increasingly realizing that attacking product performance earlier in the process and farther down the supply chain reduces product development costs, accelerates time to market, and reduces those "Oh-Oh's" that can ruin a career.

I am going to LA on Friday. Let's see if the same mentality that exists up in NoCal is alive and well in SoCal

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